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Canine Respiratory Illness 12/21/23 - 9:44 am

Should you be concerned about respiratory illness in your dog? A mystery canine respiratory illness has been spreading across the nation with occurrences reported in…

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What Can I Feed My Pet for a Holiday Treat? 10/21/22 - 2:42 pm

As you prepare your own holiday meals this year, you might want to give your pet a little treat of their own. But many holiday…

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Dental Care for Dogs 10/14/22 - 12:51 pm

With the right dental care, your dog’s teeth and gums will remain healthy for life. Maintaining your dog’s oral health routine is key to preventing…

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Mast Cells 05/14/21 - 8:40 pm

Have you ever wondered how your pet’s veterinarian diagnoses cancer? Learn more here:

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Take Your Cat to the Vet Day is Coming Up On August 22 08/10/17 - 6:25 am

Did you know that cats visit the veterinarian less than half as often as dogs do? According to Veterinary Practice News, the average number of…

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Roundworm is Common in Dogs 02/02/18 - 2:56 pm

Roundworm is a common parasite in dogs and puppies. It is so common that nearly every dog will deal with this parasite at some point…

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Five Tips for Cat Health Month 02/08/18 - 3:04 pm

It’s hard to imagine life without your cat. Whether she’s a snuggler or more independent, serious or hilarious, just petting her and hearing that wonderful…

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Don’t Share Chocolate Treats with Your Pet 02/23/18 - 3:09 pm

Even though we just passed Valentine’s Day, you might have several chocolate treats left around your house. Unless you have an allergy, chocolate is a…

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Common Allergy Triggers in Pets 03/10/18 - 3:26 pm

With trees, grass, flowers, and plants coming back to life after a long winter, spring is a beautiful and much-anticipated season. Unfortunately, it’s also the…

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Hookworm: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt Your Dog 03/21/18 - 3:39 pm

According to the website Pets and Parasites, hookworm is an internal parasite that live inside of a dog’s intestinal tract. They survive by attaching themselves…