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4 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet

As 2023 falls upon us, it is once again the season of setting new goals. This year, don’t leave your pet out of the healthy habits you wish to implement into your life. Here are several pet-positive resolutions to help you and your pet achieve optimal happiness and health in 2023! 

Prioritize Wellness Checks 

It’s no secret that life can quickly become overwhelming. During times of high stress, we often forget to check in with ourselves. This year, prioritize your wellness by taking a moment to be present with your thoughts. During this time, be sure to include your pet in the wellness check. Take time to observe their behavior to recognize abnormalities you may be overlooking. If your pet’s demeanor feels off, you can address it early by scheduling a visit with your local veterinarian. 

Eat Better 

We often resolve to eat healthier at the start of the new year. This year, don’t just plan to improve your diet; review how your pet is eating and make positive changes for them as well. Perhaps they have been eating generic kibble or too many table scraps. Whatever the case may be, seek new ways to improve their nutritional intake. Your pet’s veterinarian can help you get on the right track! 

Keep It Moving 

It’s easy to fall victim to your comfortable couch after a long day of work. However, getting active is vital to your health and your pet’s health. Make time to walk your dog more or implement more frequent playtime with your cat to ensure you both get the physical activity you need to live your best life! 

Start Fresh 

The new year is a great time to clean out your closet and rid yourself of things that no longer serve you. During this time, do the same for your pet! Inspect your pet’s toy collection and throw out any germ-infested or ripped-up toys that may be lingering around. 

Contact your local veterinarian today for more pet-positive New Year’s resolutions or to schedule your pet’s annual health evaluation!