Veterinary Clinic History

Chaska Valley Veterinary Clinic first opened its doors in the 1980s. Dr. Gieseke purchased the clinic in 1997 and remodeled the facility in 1999, doubling the original size. Dr. Elsen became a partner in the business in 2000, as the population of Chaska and the number of our active clients was increasing. Dr. Gieseke retired in 2019.

In addition to Dr. Jody Elsen, our staff of veterinarians includes Dr. Jen Weinberger; Dr. Alyssa Rudloff; Dr. Amber Olson; Dr. Cat Cross; Dr. Jen Quast, Dr. Bernadette Rivet and occasionally, Dr. Amy O’Brien.

Our vet clinic offers great care provided by our veterinarians, plus an expanded clinic staff.

Mission Statement

Chaska Valley Veterinary Clinic’s mission is to provide exceptional and personal veterinary care for our patients. Our goal is to guide our clients with education, respect, and compassion in planning a lifetime of health for their pets. We will provide the highest standard of care in medicine, surgery, and dentistry while treating patients as if they were our own.

Vision Statement

Chaska Valley Veterinary Clinic will be an organization that recognizes and appreciates the contributions of EVERY employee. It will be a place where everyone acknowledges each others’ strengths and respectfully and constructively supports each others’ weaknesses. It will be a place where every employee is encouraged to grow for the benefit of each other, the hospital, the animals we care for and the communities we live in.

We will work together to continually improve our facilities so that they reflect the quality of our services. We will create an environment and a culture that are welcoming and put people at ease.

We will strive to educate clients to a degree that no pet will die of a preventable or treatable disease/disorder. Our patients will live longer, healthier lives which will impact their owner’s quality and length of life.

We will continually strive to be a fiscally responsible and successful business that will exist for many years to provide services and employment opportunities to our communities.

Chaska Valley Veterinary Clinic

We are a full service animal care vet clinic for dogs and cats. Call 952-448-2936 for more information, or schedule an appointment online, or contact us via email.

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