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National Senior Pet Month: Caring for Your Aging Companion 

While every day with our aging companions is a gift, November marks a special time to celebrate the unconditional love they bring to our lives. November is Senior Pet Month, a time to reflect on our older pets and reciprocate the joy they bring to our lives. To maximize your pet’s happiness this Senior Pet Month, here are a few ways to make your senior pet’s days a little more special! 

Create a Senior Pet-Friendly Environment 

Whether your pet has newly embarked into their golden years or is well into their retirement era, it’s a good idea to reevaluate their living space. Senior pets have evolving needs, as their mobility may not be what it once was. Therefore, you should make their environment a little more accessible and cozy with some thoughtful additions, including: 

  • Non-slick walking surfaces, such as carpets or pet toe-grips, to eliminate the risk of slips and falls. 
  • Potty pads to facilitate your pet’s potty breaks without strain.
  • Ramps or steps to help your pet access their favorite lounge areas.
  • Orthopedic pet beds to soothe and support achy joints.

Review Their Diet 

Senior pets come with a new set of nutritional needs. While all pets are different, aging animals typically require low-calorie diets with nutrient-rich ingredients that support bone and joint health and proper digestion. Take a look at how much your pet eats and be sure not to overfeed them as weight gain can exacerbate several health conditions that develop with age. 

Prioritize Veterinary Visits 

Although a trip to the veterinarian may not be your pet’s favorite activity, it’s an invaluable symbol of your love and commitment to them. This Senior Pet Month, schedule a full health evaluation with your trusted veterinarian to monitor your pet’s changing health and health needs to ensure they remain healthy and happy throughout their golden years. 

Make Senior Pet Month a month to remember by contacting your local veterinarian today to discuss how you can better care for your aging companion.