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Preventative Care

Twice Yearly Preventative Care Exams

Our Chaska Valley Veterinary Clinic follows the current standard of care by recommending twice yearly wellness exams. Our pets age seven times faster than we do, so problems like diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease, and cancer can occur much earlier than we would expect. The old practice of bringing your pet in to see the veterinarian once a year is the equivalent of you visiting your doctor only once every seven years. Significant health changes can occur in pets in as little as three to six months. Because cats and dogs cannot tell us where it hurts, examinations once every six months allow us to identify any problems early, possibly even before clinical signs are noted at home. The earlier a problem is detected, the more likely we will be able to treat it and extend your pet’s life. For more information on the benefits of twice yearly exams and the aging process of pets, visit the National Pet Wellness Month website at, or view this Wellness Testing Brochure.

Separating Vaccines

There are a number of vaccines available to help keep your pet healthy. Although vaccines are safe, studies have shown that a vaccine reaction (allergic reaction to the vaccine) is more likely when multiple vaccines are given at one time. This is especially true in young and senior pets, as well as any pet that has a chronic disease. Chaska Valley Veterinary Clinic is following current recommendations to separate vaccines and determine which ones are right for your pet. Your pet’s veterinarian will discuss a vaccine schedule tailored to the individual needs of your pet.