Your dog or cat needs regular exercise to remain healthy, manage weight, and release excess energy. It decreases her chances of developing numerous health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and digestive disorders. Unfortunately, companion animals in the United States are becoming just as sedentary and overweight as their human […]

Exercise and Weight Control Are Important for Pets Too

National Veterinary Technician Week started in 1993 as a way to honor the contributions of these valuable team members. Now in its 24th year, this year’s event begins on Sunday, October 16 and ends on Saturday, October 22. Most people understand that vet techs help to take care of sick […]

It’s National Veterinary Technicians Week

Human Food: Serious Health Risks for Your Cat How much do you know about people food and cat health? Although cats may not be considered as man’s best friend lots of people are actually huge fans of cats. As it turns out these purring animals do not only attract rich […]

Human Food and Cat Health